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Call for Papers and submission

TAROS 2012 invites both full papers and extended abstracts. All contributions will be refereed. Full papers are invited from researchers at any stage in their career but should present significant findings and advances in robotics research; more preliminary work would be better suited to extended abstract submission. Full papers will be accepted for either oral presentation (single track) or poster presentation. Extended abstracts will be accepted for poster presentation only. Submissions of papers are invited in, but not limited to, the following topics and related areas

·          Advanced applications of autonomous robots (industrial and research), Advanced materials

·          Advanced medical robotics, robots for surgery, Assistive robotics, Service robotics

·          Applications development, Hardware issues, devices and techniques, advanced sensor and actuator

·          Autonomous assembly robotics, Autonomous vehicles

·          Bio-mimetic and bio-inspired robotics, Bio-hybrid robotic systems, Evolutionary robotics

·          Cognitive robotics, Developmental robotics, Personal robotics, Robot communication and language

·          Ethical and societal issues in robotics, Robots in education, the arts and entertainment

·          Flying robots (unmanned- and micro- air vehicles), Space and planetary robotics

·          Humanoid robotics, Human-Robot interaction and interfaces, Legged robots

·          Swarm robotics, Collective robots, Field robotics

·          Learning and adaptation, Long-term interaction and operation, Intelligent prostheses

·          Modelling and analysis of robot models, Modular reconfigurable robots

·          Navigation, localization, map building and path planning, Analysis of robot-environment interaction

·          Robot autonomy including energy self-sufficiency, Robot control architectures, Robot vision, sensing and perception
Authors are invited to submit the complete manuscripts in PDF format, according to the following instructions for authors.

  •     Full Paper Manuscripts are limited to twelve (12) Springer format pages.
  •     Extended Abstract Manuscripts are limited to two (2) Springer format pages. They are presented as poster during the poster session.

For poster session, click here.


Professor Sam S Ge, National University of Singapore, IEEE Fellow, IFAC Fellow

Professor Alois Knoll, Technical University of Munich


The participation of representatives from industry are welcome both in the main conference and particularly in the academic-industry 1-day symposium immediately following the conference.


Exhibition space is available. Please contact guido.herrmann@brl.ac.uk for further details.


Submission: 8 April 2012  Final extension :  29 April 2012 ( 23:59, Pacific Standard Time, US)

Acceptance: 25 May 2012

Final Submission : 3 June 2012


Please find a PDF copy of the call for paper below.



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