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The FIRA Cup is the first and premier event where roboticists internationally gather and challenge each other to test their newest technology in Olympic style robotic contests, such as football, weight lifting, running and marathon.

The FIRA Cup consists of several disciplines. Details can be found at the official FIRA site.

The FIRA RoboWorld Cup is now open for registration.

At this time we would like you to register your interest in taking part in this competion.

We will need the following details from you:

a) Name of Team
b) Contact details of team leader
c) Affliliation
d) Number of humans in team (who will be attending the event in Bristol)
e) Which one of the categories listed below that your team will be competing in
f) Your team website if available.

Please email these details to Guido Hermann at this address:

Registration fees will be requested at a later date.

Fees for each team are available on the Registration Page.