The Federation of International Robot-soccer Association (FIRA)

In August 2012, just after the Olympic Games, the Bristol Robotics Laboratory, a joint undertaking of the University of Bristol and the University of the West of England, will host the Robot-Olympics, the FIRA RoboWorld Cup, founded in 1996.

It is the first and premier event where roboticists internationally gather and challenge each other to test their newest technology in Olympic style robotic contests, such as football, weight lifting, running and marathon.

Its main drivers have been for more than fourteen years two prime roboticists, Professors Jong-Hwan Kim, KAIST (Korea) and Prahlad Vadakkepat, National University of Singapore. This event has found annually strong interest world-wide from Korea, Taiwan, China, Slovakia, Germany, Canada, Malaysia, India, UK etc.

Technology developed for the FIRA-RoboWorld Cup requires a holistic view, involving mechanical, electronics and digital control and image processing technology.

The event has been taking place in India, Korea, China, USA, Germany, Singapore, Australia, France and Brasil, together with the FIRA RoboWorld Congress, a scientific robotics conference.